Schierberg Law is a consulting practice focused on finding facts. I assist partners in anticipation of litigation, those actively involved in litigation, or clients simply concerned with protecting their own interests. I do this through three areas of engagement:


Although some may think otherwise, binge watching episodes of '80s crime dramas doesn't exactly qualify as investigative training or experience. This is especially true when the results of an investigation will be a critical part of a legal claim. Employing an experienced, independent, and professional investigator lends essential credibility to an investigation. I can help you find the facts so that you can better respond to whatever the situation at hand may be.


All of the cool information is being stored electronically these days. That's good and bad news for you. On the bad side, electronically stored information (ESI) can be more easily hidden or overlooked. On the good side though, electronic information has a habit of sticking around and it can often be indexed for ease of searching. The difference between ESI working for you or against you is determined by your planning and analysis. I'll work with you to identify potential sources of electronically stored information and the most cost-effective ways accessing and analyzing the content.


01001000 01100101 01101100 01110000 0100001 Computers can be tricky to understand. Since your 14 year old nephew who "knows a lot about computers" might not be the best witness at trial, consider calling me when you need to find digital evidence for your case. I'll put my experience and training to work for you using cutting-edge tools and forensically sound procedures, and I'll only speak in nerd if you ask!